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code name”POPPY” next door!

August 28, 2009

i am extremely happy to find our very own kosu has been doing a good job to keep our readers busy with a couple of pixie questions.within the past 3 days , lots have hapened!! my old-time buddy , “portuguese porcupine”(lets call him “poppy”), called all the 4 of us(almost) to give us a very surprising event in trichy! he was plannin to organise an open quiz in trichy! i asked aquarian gospel( who, acordin to poppy, is supposed to be his secretary though both have not met for more that 3 weeks altogether and have contacts thru phone) whether he would make it to the event which is to be conducted this sunday mornin. he refused sayin that he was to attend a family function back in his home town! i asked mama , and he said he might not be able t come! i asked kosu and he said he had his sisters marriage to attend!! smashin!! i had no company whatsoever! i finally asked our seniorsports quizzer at collge- kajax(a.k.a) doggy, if he was willing to come! he said he will be goin to (v.v)ramana(n)’s quiz in sivasamudram the same day.not only that! even soulpatch,and 2 other senior quizzers are goin to go!! the odds are growin against poppy’s quiz as not many standard quizzers will be available!! moreover ma sis at nit trichy( lets call her knitty) is gonna be the computer operator for the quiz!! i dunno what sort of bubbly quiz this is gonna be! this will either be the talk of the town or the hush of the century!! and to make matters worse poppy says that there shal lbe 120 to 130 questions in the finals for he takings based on time constrains!!and lets hope v get a gud tyme outta it!!!

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