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back with a better bang! really!

August 21, 2009

hello there dear bloggers!

extreeeeeeemely sorry for this titanic delay in posting the questions!i know that the blog suddenly got stranded in the middle of the whole show! basically, our dear author “mama” stopped posting all together and both aquarian and i could not return to the blog for the past 2 weeks as we were sincerely preparing(not exactly for the exams ofcourse!lol)basically we were tied up for one whole week with our carpedium quiz preparations (ofcourse v ought not to blow our own horns, but still i cannot resist saying that the preparations were successful in the end) what i learned in the end was that i needed more preparation in AVs and cartoons. to tell u guys more, v won carpe tees!i totally desisted them, though aquarian liked them(he already had bought one and he won one more, while mama and i won 2 each). i hope the XL size fits mama!! LOL. to add more events in the past exhausting 2 weeks, we had MAHOTSAV in SAV and all 3 of us guys were held up( v rejoiced the whole day as the quiz was fully prepared by our senior”soulpatch”). ill try to get those questions uploaded soon!and  this week we had our exams!(oh i still am worried about my next quiz and not my cgpa)


and do return guys!v ll be havin a huge excitin round of quizzin bonanza soon in trichy(sorry for being local)

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