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July 26, 2009

Greetings my dear blog readers and fellow quizzers,

i have been recieving comments on our blog that the answers are not visible anywhere!FYI bloggers,the answers to questions by myself(aprameyak1991) and my friend (aquariangospel) are displayed right below the question. the text is in white color, so please do use a mouse to highlight the answer as specified below the question itself. as for my other friend(mama), he has been enthusiastically posting tuffie questions (i feel it that way) continuously without revealing the answers.i deeply regret and beg your pardon for the delay in the posting of the answers of his questions.i have been constantly reminding him about this and hope that he listens to all our requests.if he doesn’t listen, necessary steps will be taken.

P.S- i really did mean we might be having a quiz competition either online or the usual way (probably in trichy).if it’s the usual quiz, i think it is for the school kids(assuming that open quizzes are temporarily out of our reach…LOL)

P.P.S- i really do want the readers’ critical comments to reach us so that we can take good care of the blog!

viva la quiz!

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