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July 18, 2009

hello there quizzers!

i am thoroughly astounded by the questions what our author “mama” is posting on our blog!being an amteur quiz enthusiast myself, i have no other reason to appreciate his the way , due to unavoidable restrictions at the TIFAC center at SASTRA , we authors find it difficult to post video or music questions on the blog during our free hours at college!we request all our supporters to wait for a wee bit more time till we either get our lappies ready or try to figure out how things work(proxies and all that is!!)till then we will try posting the best questions we can post!FYI my questions have answers typed in white text just below the question, but mama’s superior intellect(& physique) has forced him to post tuffie questions( i felt it) and await any good quizzer’s reply!all comments on this blog are welcome at the comments page. we will make this blog as fruitful to quizzers as possible!

P.S-we are plannin to have either a professional weekly quiz on the net or an open quiz on a large scale in our locality(trichy)!so please do check out our joint once in a while or so!

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